Belt conveyor maintenance knowledge popularization

How to maintain the belt conveyor in the mixing station can bring us better benefits.


Drive gear (electric roller or reducer) maintenance and maintenance

Lubricating oil should be added before use, lubricating oil grade is L-KC100, 150# medium load extreme pressure industrial gear oil.


Come on handbook: Add lubricating oil to the height required by the specification.


Lubrication of roller bearings

The roller bearings are UP series (commonly used UCP214), lubricated with grease and refueled once a day.


Cleaning of roller and idler

Clean the accumulated material on the roller and idler frequently, too much accumulated material will affect the operation of the belt (deviation).


Maintenance of sand scraper

Check the wear degree of the sand scraping device regularly, and replace the sand scraping device in time when it is worn to a certain extent.


Reliable: New shaft end seal, good performance, long life.

Rubber guard wear seriously, material should be replaced in time when spilled.


Adjustment method of belt machine running deviation

Method 1: Adjust the drum (reversing drum and tensioning drum)


Method 2: Adjust roller (groove upper roller and parallel lower roller)


Prevention and treatment of interface fracture and transverse tear

Reason: Joint vulcanization treatment is unqualified; Instantaneous impact load is too large, the weak part is affected by alternating stress fracture; Interface direction and belt movement direction is not suitable; Long-term use, fatigue damage.  


Hazard: Serious damage to belts.


Prevention and solution: Reduce the load as far as possible, especially the belt with counterweight tensioning device, should control the counterweight within 200kg ~ 300kg, in the rainy season is not skid; Strengthen inspection to prevent foreign matter from jamming and scratching the belt; Strengthen the training of belt assemblers to prevent the belt interface direction from being reversed.


Prevention and treatment of surface degumming

Reason: belt and roller relative motion wear; Cleaner and belt relative movement wear; Vulcanization treatment of rubber layer unqualified; Impact wear caused by material on belt (especially large material).


Harm: thin belt, low strength.


Prevention and solution: strengthen inspection, early detection, early treatment.


Prevention and treatment of longitudinal tear

Cause: Mixed in the material such as round steel, Angle steel and other foreign bodies, these foreign bodies often have sharp edges, easy to puncture the belt, if it is stuck in a place, will cause the top pressure on the surface of the belt and continue to scratch, the more tight the card, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and finally Pierce the belt, resulting in longitudinal tearing along the belt movement direction; Roller excessive wear and even perforation, rolled up corners, will cut the belt; Groove roller is composed of three rollers, there is a small gap between the rollers, if the roller stuck, it may be in the gap between gravel and other foreign bodies with sharp corners, if not removed in time will scratch the belt; The belt is damaged when the operator cleans the belt due to manual misoperation.


Harm: Seriously damage the belt; And material.


Prevention and solution: The user must require the material supplier to strictly control the size of the material; In addition to strengthen the maintenance of the ingredients station grid screen, there is damage in time repair; If the belt is used by the customer, the material supplier must be required to remove iron from the material or the customer must remove iron by himself. More patrol, early detection of problems, timely treatment, strengthen maintenance is the key; Rubber conveyor belt can be repaired by cold adhesive repair, how to deal with the best mountain professionals to do.


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