Applicable places for mini excavators

Mini excavators are small in size and have a low initial investment cost. It has a wide range of applications in urban architectural decoration, municipal buildings, agriculture, forestry and horticulture. It is the equipment of many small engineering operations. Today, we specifically look at labor scenarios where a mini excavator can be used.


Applicable places for small excavators.

Municipal engineering field

In municipal construction, digging ditches and filling pipelines is essential. Mini excavators are the choice due to their small size and flexible maneuverability. In addition, the boom of the mini excavator can be deflected 90 degrees, which is very practical when digging trenches and filling pipes. Small excavations are also easily transported, and transfers can be done using light trucks or even pickups.

Building interior decoration

When interior decoration is required, the wall needs to be broken, and the mini excavator is more effective than the artificial sledgehammer. Mini excavators are relatively small in size, and you can go up and down stairs via stairs or even elevators.

Garden landscape scene

The working environment is relatively small, and there are often trees, flowers and crops around it. Large-scale machinery cannot be used for digging planting pits and ditching operations in garden construction. time and energy, and increased efficiency.

New rural construction

When building houses in rural areas, the foundation and water supply and drainage pipes must be manually excavated. Now, these tasks can be solved by small excavators, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also greatly improves the construction speed.

Agricultural greenhouses

Vegetable sheds are usually low, and large agricultural machinery cannot operate inside, so small excavators replace artificial land and trenching operations. It is said that the use of small excavators in greenhouses such as Shandong and Xi'an is very common.

Agricultural park operations

 The working environment in agricultural parks is relatively small. There are often agricultural and forestry seedlings around. When building an agricultural garden, it is impossible to use large machinery for excavation and trenching. And the mini excavator is just right.

Tunnel construction

The height of the micro excavator is low and can be used for some small tunnels. Some manufacturers have even developed electric mini excavators, which are better suited for tunnel environments.

Steel slag

Steel mills mainly use converter or electric furnace equipment for steelmaking. During the smelting process, a lot of steel slag is produced. In the process of handling steel slag, micro excavators are often used for slag and slag, and the working environment is poor. Great test of driver and excavator.

High-altitude dangerous work

We often see some small excavators building cliffs or post-disaster reconstruction work on cliffs. The excavator chassis can be tilted to keep the upper cab section level, while the excavator is suspended by wire ropes. Operating this excavator is very courageous!

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