Common Excavator Minor Fault Diagnosis

First,the engine can not be started

①The battery power is insufficient and the voltage is low.

②The electromagnetic switch of the starter motor or the starter motor is damaged.

③ The starting line is faulty, and the starting switch is damaged.

④The fuel supply circuit is faulty.

⑤ There is atmosphere in the fuel system, and the fuel filter element is blocked.

⑥ Advocate the burning of the crankshaft of the machine, so that the crankshaft cannot be changed.

⑦The piston and the cylinder liner are sticky, and the piston cannot move.

Second, the engine operation is unstable, the load is large, and the car is stuck.

①There is atmosphere in the fuel system.

②The fuel filter is blocked.

③ The fuel oil pump is worn and the pressure is low.

④The fuel injection pump is worn and the pressure is low.

⑤ The fuel injector is worn and the fuel atomization is not good.

⑥ The fuel injection timing is not accurate.


Third,the engine power is lacking, and the exhaust emits black smoke.

①The air filter is blocked.

② The exhaust gas turbocharger is coke deposited or damaged.

③The electronic control system is faulty (the monitor has information display).

④The fuel pump, fuel injection pump or fuel injector is faulty.

⑤ The fuel injection timing is not accurate.

⑥ Piston, piston ring and cylinder liner are worn.

⑦ The valve is not tightly closed or faulty, and the valve clearance is inaccurate.

Fifth, the engine burns oil, and the loss of oil is large.

① Too much oil.

②The piston, piston ring and cylinder liner are worn.

③ The floating oil seal of the exhaust gas turbocharger is damaged.

④ valve guide split.

Sixth,there is oil in the water tank.

①The oil cooler core is split.

②The water seal of the water pump is damaged, and the drainage hole is blocked.

③The cylinder head gasket is damaged.

Seventh,there is coolant in the oil bottom

①The oil cooler core is split.

②The cylinder head gasket is damaged.

③The cylinder head or cylinder block has cracks.

Eight, low oil pressure.

①The amount of oil is lacking.

②There are diesel oil and coolant in the oil.

③ The oil filter is blocked.

④ The oil pump suction pipe is revealed.

⑤ The oil safety valve (bypass valve) is stuck in the overflow state or the spring is broken.

⑥The oil pump is worn.

⑦The clearance between the crankshaft or camshaft and the bearing bush is too large.

Ninth,the water temperature is too high.

①The coolant capacity is small.

②The thermostat is damaged.

③ The belt is loose and the fan speed is low.

④The water pump is damaged.

⑤ Advocate the overload operation of the machine.

⑥ Internal or external infarction of the water tank.

⑦ Advocate internal mechanical failure of the machine.

Tenth,the generator does not charge.

①The battery is damaged.

②The charging circuit or the grounding circuit is faulty.

③ Advocate wear and tear of electrical brushes.

④ The conditioner or rectifier diode is damaged.

⑤The rotor (excitation coil) is damaged.

Eleventh,the hydraulic pipe is trembling and the hydraulic pump is loud.

①There is atmosphere in the hydraulic pump.

②The swash plate or plunger shoe in the hydraulic pump is worn.

Twelfth,walk and stray.

①The crawler tension is adjusted improperly.

② The corresponding travel motor leaks, or the reducer is damaged.

③ The hydraulic pump leaks inside, and the flow rate is small.

④ There is a fault in the pilot circuit of walking control, or a fault in the main circuit of walking. ⑤ The inner oil seal of the center rotation is damaged and the oil is strewn.

Thirteen, walking slowly.

①The pilot control oil circuit or the main oil circuit components are faulty.

②The pilot pump or hydraulic pump is faulty.

③The oil seal in the center rotation is damaged and oil is strung up.

Fourteenth,weak walking and climbing, lack of digging force.

① The safety valve of the main circuit and pilot circuit is faulty and the pressure is low.

② Corresponding safety relief valve, equalizing valve, buffer valve and other faults.

③ Internal leakage of hydraulic pump, pilot pump and control valve.

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