Common Troubleshooting of Mixing Plant–Air Compressor

Fault: Air Leak

Reason: The one-way valve is defective,

Air leakage from safety valve

safety valve open

loose pipe or hose connection


Measures: When there is pressure in the air storage tank and the compressor stops rotating, the defective check valve will cause continuous air leakage. If the valve leaks, it must be replaced;

Manually pull up the relief valve poppet and replace if the valve is still leaking

If the pressure switch is normal, the safety valve is defective and must be replaced

Tighten the leaking connections and check with soapy water under pressure. (don't be too tight)

Fault: Motor does not run

Reason: The pressure switch button is in the 0FF position

Starter overload protection switch tripped

Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

Wiring error

air pressure exceeds

Opening pressure of the pressure switch

loose electrical connection

Motor failure


Action: Put the button in the ON position

Let the starter cool and press the reset button

Check for blown fuses. Replace or reset circuit breakers as needed. Do not use fuses or circuit breakers higher than the Tin Fan standard.

Check if the wiring is correct, refer to the recommended wire type.

When the air tank pressure drops below the starting pressure of the air switch, the air compressor motor automatically starts

Check wiring

Unless there is obvious damage to the motor, remove the motor and send it to the local motor manufacturer's service center for inspection. Replace if necessary

Fault: Exhaust pressure too low

Cause: Airflow is restricted at the air intake

Damaged cylinder head gasket

Broken valve

Damaged or worn piston rings

The v-belt is too loose

air leak

Excessive use of compressed air


Action: Clean or replace the air intake filter

Replace with new cylinder head gasket

Replace the new valve plate and gasket

Replace with new piston rings

Adjust belt tension if needed

Check and solve according to the phenomenon of air leakage

Reduce compressed air consumption, air compressor capacity is insufficient relative to air demand

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