Do you really understand the air flow system of a blender?

Only the correct use and maintenance of the system can ensure high efficiency and good economy of the whole machine production.


The function of air path system is to timely open and close the bone silo, mixer discharging door and cement weighing discharging door, break the arch of cement in the cement silo, purge and stir the additives, ensure the accurate measurement of all kinds of aggregate, cement and additives, and complete the loading task of finished products. Only the correct use and maintenance of the system can ensure high efficiency and good economy of the whole machine production.

Air Compressor Maintenance

The air compressor is the main body of the air source device and plays a very important role in the air path system. Therefore, in use to do the following aspects of work.


1.Precautions before use: (1) Air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, well ventilated. (2) Can not withstand the wind and rain, also can not be exposed to the sun. (3) Adjust the upper and lower limits of the air pressure automatic switch, too low pressure will lead to slow cylinder action, too high pressure is bad for the sealing parts of the air path system. (4) Check the oil level of the lubricating oil, keep the oil level between the upper and lower lines of the dipstick, and add new oil when the oil level is close to the bottom line. (5) Check whether the conveyor belt tension is appropriate, when the finger pressure belt, belt sag about 10mm is appropriate; When replacing the conveyor belt, the whole group should be replaced to maintain the same tension.


2.Precautions in operation: in the work, the operator should often observe the working pressure of the air compressor, not allowed to exceed the rated value. Check whether there is oil leakage, air leakage phenomenon, have the same sound, if abnormal phenomenon is found, should stop immediately check.


3.Maintenance: (1) Discharge condensate water in time, open the sewage valve below the air storage tank after shutdown, and discharge condensate water. (2) Regularly replace the lubricating oil, generally determined according to the operation time of the air compressor, every 1000 hours or 4 months to replace the new oil. (3) clean the air filter element regularly, because the filter element is too dirty, resulting in too much dust in the air of the compressor cylinder, accelerating the wear of the cylinder and the piston ring, and easy to form carbon affect the sealing of the air valve; Serious will also cause cylinder, gas channeling, resulting in lubricating oil pollution, affect the lubrication effect; When channeling gas, there will be oil phenomenon, the gap between cylinder wall and piston ring is too large, the polluted lubricating oil will channeling into the compression room and form oil mist, thus polluting the compressed air. (Paper filter cleaning, with compressed air blowing from inside out; If it is sponge filled filter element, clean and dry with detergent)


Use and maintenance of cylinders

The function of the cylinder is to convert the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder should be in place with the on/off switch of the solenoid valve power supply; Since the cylinder piston moves repeatedly, this is very important for lubrication of the cylinder wall and piston. Generally through the oil mist device, the lubricating oil atomized after injection into the air flow, and with the air into the lubrication part, to achieve the purpose of lubrication. In the working process, the lubrication effect of the cylinder close to the lubricator is good, and the lubrication effect of the cylinder far away from the lubricator is poor. This situation is particularly evident on the cylinders of the bone bin. The solution is to add an oil mist in the middle of the air path of the bone bin. The piston rod can be coated with butter to prevent corrosion. Cylinder is prone to leakage, leakage and leakage are two kinds of internal leakage, internal leakage refers to the wear of the cylinder piston assembly, causing the piston before and after gas channeling, affecting the speed of the cylinder action, serious cause switch is not in place; Leakage refers to the end seals in contact with the piston rod and cylinder wear and leak, resulting in slow recovery of the piston rod, or even not in place.


Use and maintenance of solenoid valves

Solenoid valve function is to adjust the pressure of compressed air, flow and flow direction. Solenoid valve can be composed of various gas paths, so that the pneumatic actuator according to the design of the program to work normally. Solenoid valve is a common fault is leakage, solenoid valve in the case of not working (air pressure in the standard range), in the inlet side of the two exhaust leakage phenomenon. The repair method is to disintegrate the solenoid valve, clean the parts with clean diesel oil; Wipe dry with a clean cotton yarn and apply a small amount of oil to the surface; If the piston rod in the valve is worn seriously or the sealing ring is damaged, it should be replaced with a new piece.


Use and maintenance of oil-water separator and oil mist

The compressed air output from the gas source device, which is preliminarily purified, generally needs to go through the pneumatic auxiliary components (such as oil-water separator, pressure regulating valve, oil mist, etc.) before entering the pneumatic equipment. The function of oil-water separator is to filter the moisture and dust in compressed air. Therefore, the sewage in the water cup should be discharged in time through manual exhaust valve; Oil mist device is a special oil injection device, its function is to make the lubricating oil atomized after injection into the air flow, and with the air into the parts that need lubrication. Ordinary diesel engine oil is used in the lubricator. The oil in the oil storage cup should be replaced in time. The capacity of the oil storage cup should be calculated according to 100mL, and it is advisable to use it for 100 hours. The function of pressure regulating valve is to make its output pressure consistent with the actual pressure required by each pneumatic equipment and device, and maintain the stability of the pressure value.


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