How does Hzs180 mixing plant work?

_HZS180 station consists of two rows of cement silos and a series of screw conveyors. One side is equipped with a microcomputer control room to control the operation of the whole concrete mixing station. The mixing material can be delivered to two concrete trucks at the same time.

–HZS180 concrete mixing station and other types of mixing station main technical parameters also adopt the new electronic weighing design ideas, microcomputer control, digital display, and other control technology, electronic weighing are buffering device and automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy.

–Sand and stone feeding system adopt large width dense person to bring material, can be set up according to the needs of pedestrian safety channel, many advantages make HZS series 180 mixing station become commercial concrete mixing station enterprises, the majority of construction units of high-quality concrete mixing equipment ideal choice.

Excellent stirring performance

--Strong mixing performance, uniform mixing, fast speed, high productivity.

--For dry hard, plastic and all kinds of proportions of concrete can achieve a good mixing effect.

--The lining plate and blade of the mixer are specially treated.

--The unique shaft ends support and sealing form greatly improve the service life of the main machine.

High performance and reliability

All electrical components of the control system are imported, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

Unique non-stick shaft technology

Through the unique design and reasonable distribution of the mixing arm, mixing blade, feeding point position, feeding sequence, and other parts and actions, the problem of concrete sticking shaft is solved and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

Accurate measurement accuracy

--Microcomputer and instrument control mode, fast calculation speed, short response time;

--With dynamic feeding and automatic weighing functions, the measurement accuracy can reach and exceed the national measurement standards within the dynamic time.


--The price of the HZS180 concrete mixing plant can be configured with the quantity of cement warehouse, the quantity of screw conveyor, and the brand of electrical components according to customer needs.

--You also need to negotiate directly with the business manager of the company.

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