How to make mini excavators make more money for you?

–In other words, with the development of the construction machinery industry, micro excavators have indeed become a powerful tool to replace manual labor. So many people will ask, if you buy a mini excavator, how can you make more money? The following is a detailed introduction:

–In fact, a machine is the same as a human being. It also has its own life cycle and needs to be sheltered in each period from the birth of a child, to youth, middle age, old age and then to demise. As a kind of agricultural construction machinery, micro excavators may seem reinforced and iron bones, but they are also very squeamish. If we do not pay attention to maintenance after use, the high maintenance costs in the future will be very distressing. So, if you want your mini excavator to make you more money, it is very necessary to know when and what to do if you want to extend the life of your mini excavator.

Now let’s talk about which are the most important maintenance parts.


The oil and oil filter element must be replaced with genuine parts according to the specified maintenance cycle. The old engine needs more careful care, and the replacement time of the oil filter can be shortened as appropriate to make the engine life longer. Use diesel fuel provided by regular gas stations as much as possible. Even if diesel fuel is added by regular gas stations, do not directly add it to the fuel tank, and filter it before adding it. Drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator before starting work every day. The diesel filter element should be purchased from the original factory, and the diesel filter element should be replaced according to the specified maintenance cycle. (To clarify, the filter paper of the original filter element is fine and the amount of impurities intercepted is large, so it is more likely to be blocked, and the replacement cycle of the filter element of the auxiliary factory is shorter, so it is not a good filter element that does not block for a long time. The air filter element is checked frequently, and the outer filter element should be compressed when there is a lot of dust. The air is blown from the inside to the outside, and the air pressure should not be too large to prevent the filter element from being blown. The inner filter is not washable. After cleaning the outer filter 2 or 3 times, replace it with a new one at the same time as the inner filter.


Do not use idle speed for a long time in order to save fuel to prevent carbon deposition.


Replace the hydraulic oil, oil return filter element, and pilot filter element according to the specified maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether the filter element has adsorbed iron filings and copper filings.


When the crusher is used, the deterioration and deterioration of the hydraulic oil are accelerated, and the replacement cycle should be shortened. Do not work without oil for a long time. After changing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, pay attention to venting air.


Rotary reducer and travel reducer replace gear oil periodically.

Pay attention to cleaning the dirt and debris in the pin part and add butter.


When wading in water, when the water overflows the rotating ring gear, pay attention to replacing the grease in the rotating ring gear.


Note that the cylinder rod is rust-proof.


When the excavator is parked for a long time, apply butter to the exposed metal parts to prevent rust.


When parked, the bucket cylinder is fully retracted and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the cylinder from being hit.


Maintaining a mini excavator is a meticulous job, I hope it can help the majority of diggers, and now I can earn more money

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