In a wet and rainy environment, how to construct excavator safely?And how to carry out reasonable maintenance? 

–On the one hand, attention should be paid to the surrounding environment of excavator construction to avoid personal and property losses caused by mountain floods, debris flows and other natural disasters;
–On the other hand, excavators also need to focus on the inspection and maintenance of relevant systems, reduce the failure of excavators, prevent the damage of parts caused by rain.
–As we all know, the structure of the excavator includes the working device, which refers to the boom, bucket rod, bucket and the corresponding cylinder and oil road. 
–The second is the body part, including the engine, hydraulic pump, rotary mechanism, cab, rotary platform, fuel tank and counterweight, etc. 
–Then is the chassis part, the main value of track frame and four wheels and other accessories.  


Here’s a look at what to do during the rainy season:

Timely cleaning excavator

--In the event of heavy rain, timely cleaning should be carried out, otherwise it can lead to sludge accumulation in the gap at the lower side of the excavator, which is where moisture can be hidden, and it is also the place where rust is most likely to occur.

--Therefore, it is necessary to remove the clay, sludge and stone slag attached to the excavator in time.

Paint protection

--The acid composition in the rain has a strong corrosion effect on the paint surface of the excavator, and over time it will cause damage to the paint surface of the excavator. 
--Therefore, in the season with more rain, it is best to carry out a paint repair for the excavator. The simplest is waxing, longer and more effective is to seal the glaze capacity. 
--No matter what method, the excavator is put on an invisible protective coat to prevent the paint from fading and aging. 

Chassis care

--Chassis is the part closest to the ground, which is particularly seriously affected by road conditions. 
--Generally, this part is the most likely to rust, and the wheel shell may even become loose and perforated. 
--Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and rust prevention treatment of the excavator chassis. 

Ignition start-up

--Rainy days, such as encountered the engine is not easy to start the fault, sometimes even if reluctantly started up, but also weak. The biggest possible fault is from the ignition system due to moisture leakage, thus losing the normal ignition function.

--Once found because of the ignition system ignition, engine performance degradation caused by the wet, it's best to start with a dry towel or dry cloth to dry distribution plate and wire inside and outside, and then use special spray dryer can spray the desiccant in the place such as battery connector, cable connectors, high tension line, after waiting for a will start the engine.

Other Matters needing attention

--Look at the weather forecast. If the construction site is in the valley, hillside and unstable dirt road, it is more necessary to pay attention to the changes in the future weather, do a good job in time to prevent disasters and transfer the excavator to a safe place.

--Avoid the excavator too close to the edge of the cliff and ditch. If the ground in these places is soft, it is easy to fall or tip the machine because of the weight and vibration of the excavator itself.

--Rainy day excavator parking is also particularly important, if conditions are best to park in the garage, try to avoid parking in an excessively humid environment, rust prevention operation is very important.

--When parked in the open air, we should pay attention to check whether the lid of the fuel tank and hydraulic tank is tight, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by rainwater seeping into the tank.On rainy days, we should also pay attention to checking the filter element of the air filter of the excavator to avoid rainwater entering.

--In addition, we should pay attention to the wear of the sealing ring on the engine oil ruler, so as to avoid the wear of rain into the oil. The oil filling port should also be checked, and a plastic bag can be put on the open parking when necessary, so as to be sure.

--Check the use of starter threads to see if there is loosening or rust, and deal with the problem in time to avoid the starter affected by damp. Check the use of the generator, the line joint to avoid moisture, affect the effect of power generation.

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