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Vertical planet concrete mixer

Vertical planetary concrete mixer is designed for special concrete cement products production equipment, the equipment with vertical structure, therefore, also known as vertical concrete mixer, this kind of mixer mixing equipment is different from the other structure, USES is stirring power in the upper equipment arrangement, discharging device under the mixing drum opening, can realize the reasonable conversion of stirring power, And the structure is more reasonable, compared with the traditional horizontal shaft mixer, effectively avoid the problems of concrete holding shaft.

A 2 square vertical planet concrete mixer can produce 2 square concrete at a time, can be combined with batching unit 120 concrete mixing station. The model machines using planetary reducer, in the power output to the mixing device can produce both revolution and rotation of the mixing effect, in a relatively short period time can form good mixing effect, because of its trajectory can be formed by mixing plant mixing in a short period time in mixing drum internal parts, therefore, to be able to mix material formation in the mixing drum very uniform mixing effect. It can be said that this model of mixer for concrete production can form a good uniform mixing effect, at the same time, Hebei Double star vertical axis planetary concrete mixer equipment in practice based on optimization design to ensure the use of equipment longer service life, equipment use more convenient control.

Of course, in addition to 2 square vertical planet concrete mixer, other models of vertical planet concrete mixer can also form concrete mixing station equipment, and the corresponding model of batching machine and automatic control system, can meet the needs of users of various production efficiency, and the model of equipment is suitable for various production needs, According to user needs for equipment optimization and special design and production, can easily meet the special needs of various users.


In general, the vertical planet concrete mixer is durable, has good performance, has a wide range of practical mixing tools, Hebei double star equipment, durable.



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