Concrete recycling system


EP concrete recycling system ensures that the remaining concrete and clean water are recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Our innovative flushing devices make the environmentally friendly use of materials on site more rational. EP concrete recycling plant is suitable for concrete recovered from the site, as well as for washing water and residual concrete from cleaning batching plants, truck mixers and concrete pumps.


  • Concrete recovery system consists of guided concrete chute, sand separator and water tank.
  • The clean water is extracted through the sewage pump, and injected into the mixer through the mixer truck flushing water injection pipe; the rinsed sewage and residues are poured into the mixer truck flushing drainage tank, and the sewage in the mixing tank is pumped out by the sedimentation pump to form a flowing water flow.
  • Flush into the sand and gravel separator; the sand and gravel separator separates the sand and gravel from the sewage, which can be used as the raw material for mixing concrete again, and the sewage returns to the mixing tank through the drainage tank.
  • The sand and gravel separator is connected to the clean water tank. After each sewage separation, it is rinsed with clean water to keep the equipment clean; the standard installation site generally has 4 mixing tanks and 1-3 clean water tanks.
  • The mixing tank is equipped with an agitator and safety galvanized grid on the pool surface. Adopt PLC system.
  • Control the stirring work to avoid sewage precipitation.



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