Diesel Light Tower

EP diesel light tower has been designed in a way which makes them durable as well as energy efficient. And we have and-push type and Trailer mounted type lighting towers for you to choice .Due to their wide application capabilities, diesel light towers are perfect companions for railway, electric power, fire, oil, petrochemical and other large-scale work industry, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other work site needs large areas of high brightness lighting.

  • The light source and generator of international famous brands are adopted. The diesel tower light source has high light efficiency, high color rendering and long service life, and the diesel light tower generator can work continuously for a long time.
  • Diesel lighting tower can work continuously for 70 hours after filling up with oil, and diesel lighting towers always maintain the best performance.
  • The creativity of this diesel generator light tower meets stricter standards for safety, mobility, maintenance and functionality.
  • The novel design makes the size more compact and easy to move. Up to 14 units can be stored in a 40-foot container.
  • Advanced diesel lighting tower vehicle design, large frame body and stable chassis (fixed by five-point brackets) ensure that diesel generator lighting tower can reach level 8 wind resistance.
  • Diesel lighting tower is very suitable for construction, entertainment, civil defense, emergency rescue and fire protection and other fields.


  • Multi-angle lighting: The lamp holder can realize the lighting direction of up and down 300 degrees wireless remote control lamp panel according to the needs of the scene, and diesel light tower can also control the opening and closing of each lamp within 30 meters.
  • Lighting performance: The diesel  tower light lamp plate can provide high lighting brightness, large coverage range and both near and far illumination. The life of the light source can reach more than 10,000 hours, which is especially suitable for large-scale outdoor lighting.
  • Intelligent panel: Diesel lighting towers control panel could read most data of machine, mast extension, and could adjust lamp tilt for 90°. Good for saving time, easy control and labour saving.
  • Useful Extensively: Hand-push diesel generator lighting  tower Normally used for night lighting in municipal, highway and bridge, ports, mines, construction departments and other fields, as well as for night maintenance and disaster sites.
  • Quality material: The diesel generator light tower is made of a variety of high-quality metal materials to ensure its normal operation in different harsh environments and climatic conditions, with a high level of rain and wind resistance.



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