Generator Light Tower

Generator light tower is normally used for night construction and other field operation in the sectors of municipal engineering, road, bridge, port, mining and construction etc. Meanwhile, generator lighting tower also used on the occasion of night rush repairs and disaster relief site.

  • Generator light tower has famous motor and generator, excellent performance, start easily;
  • Generator light towers metal halide lamp has long service life;
  • Generator lighting tower is Anti-fall, safe and solid;
  • Generator lighting towers have hand-operated winch, which can lockable at any moment;
  • Light tower generator Elevating frame is made of Stainless steel square pipe;
  • Generator tower light elevating frame can rotate, east for light waving, overturn to intake,transport and store;
  • Generator light tower is Plastic treated, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and beautiful.
  • Omni-directional, multi-angle projection.The generator light tower lamp can rotate 360°, and the generator tower light head can change the projection angle arbitrarily within the range of 0°~90° in the vertical direction.
  • Humanized design, easy to operate.The light tower generator control system is centralized, the control is turned on, the control display screen, and the indicating instrument are all integrated on the same panel, which is convenient for the operator to operate and monitor in real time.
  • Fully automatic operation design, starting the engine unit, lifting and lowering the lamp pole, retracting and retracting the hydraulic support feet, and opening and closing the lamps are all independently controlled, and the generator light towers operation is simple and convenient.
  • Strong scalability.Expandable 4G monitoring system, real-time remote viewing of on-site images, GPS positioning, remote control, command and call functions;
  • Safe and reliable, easy to transport.The generator lighting towers 4 hydraulic support feet have a large expansion area and strong supporting force. In addition to the advanced integrated counterweight design, they have good wind resistance performance and can ensure reliable work under strong winds of level 8.
  • Excellent waterproof performance.IP65, convenient and quick to move, with fast two-way configuration.
  • When generator light tower carrying or transporting, make sure to press the button switch to avoid external contact, so as not to connect the capacitor.

  • When generator lighting towers fully charged or continuously discharged in a place with a high ambient temperature, the lamp body will generate heat, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • Only the matching charger can be used to charge the lamp.
  • Do not replace the generator tower light source at will, disassemble the structural parts and encrypted parts of the lamp.
  • After using in a rotten environment, a panel should be built.
  • Please charge the light tower generator battery in time when it runs out.



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