Led light tower

EP Light Towers have been designed in a way which makes them durable as well as energy efficient. And we have and-push type and Trailer mounted type lighting towers for you to choice .Due to their wide application capabilities, Mobile Light Towers are perfect companions for railway, electric power, fire, oil, petrochemical and other large-scale work industry, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other work site needs large areas of high brightness lighting.

  • Led light tower equipped with brand-name power, quality assurance, superior performance.

  • LED tower light equipped with metal halide lamp, large luminous flux and long life.

  • Led light towers have High-performance self-braking hand winch.

  • Mobile Light Tower Led has three-section lifting pole, galvanized light pole, anti-drop, corrosion-resistant.

  • Led Portable Light Tower uses Left and right windproof support frame, stable support.

  • Light towers have Integrated operation panel, one-button operation.

  • The LED tower light lifting height is 5 meters, wide irradiation range and long irradiation distance.

  • The Led light tower lamp head can actually lower the lighting direction of the 300-degree wireless remote control lamp panel according to the needs of the site, and the LED tower light can also control the on and off of each lamp within a range of 30 meters.

  •  The rise of telescopic air pressure can be quickly controlled by using electric air pressure.

  •  There are universal wheels and rail wheels at the bottom of the Led light towers generator set, which can run on uneven roads and rails.

  • The Led Portable Light Tower whole is made of various high-quality metal materials to ensure normal operation in various harsh environments and climatic conditions, and the grades of rain resistance and wind resistance are 8.

  • Emergency lighting tower is used in transportation, electricity, water pipes, gas, and telecommunications construction.

  • Construction Led light tower is used in engineering construction, urban construction pipelines, road paving, road maintenance, road rescue.

  •  Emergency LED tower light is used in emergency rescue, earthquake disaster preparedness, armed police firefighting, earthquake disaster relief, flood prevention and rescue.

  • Combat readiness lighting Applied to combat readiness emergency, all kinds of rescue, field training, camping and distribution.

  • Mine Mobile Light Tower Led Applied to open-pit mine lighting, mine road lighting, distribution storage and transportation, mine camping.

  • led light towers are used in sports events, film and television shooting, airport backup, railway power.



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