Metal Halide Light Tower

EP Metal Halide Light Tower has been designed in a way which makes them durable as well as energy efficient. And we have and-push type and Trailer mounted type metal halide lighting towers for you to choice .Due to their wide application capabilities, Metal Halide Light Towers are perfect companions for railway, electric power, fire, oil, petrochemical and other large-scale work industry, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other work site needs large areas of high brightness lighting.

  • Metal halide light tower equipped with brand-name power, quality assurance, superior performance.

  • Metal halide light towers equipped with metal halide lamp, large luminous flux and long life.

  • Metal halide lighting towers has high-performance self-braking hand winch.

  • Three-section lifting pole, galvanized light pole, anti-drop, corrosion-resistant.

  • Left and right windproof support frame, stable support.

  • Integrated operation panel, one-button operation.

  • 7 meters lifting height, wide irradiation range and long irradiation distance.

  • Lighting performance:The expected life of metal halide light tower lamps in normal operation is very long, and the failure rate is the lowest of all types of lamps. It requires less power, generates more light, and provides ideal lighting for work, movement and activity areas.
  • Lifting performance:metal halide tower light lifting rod is made of high strength alloy material refining, can realize automatic lifting adjustment; Four lamp holders can single up and down left and right to adjust the irradiation Angle, so that the light covers the whole work site.
  • Working time: using high-performance diesel generator power supply, can work for more than 40 hours continuously; In the place of mains electricity, metal halide lighting towers can also be connected to 220v AC power to achieve long-term lighting.
  • Easy operation:Vertical manual heavy load supporting mast is adopted, and the height can be easily adjusted; Four heavy-duty supporting masts further ensure construction safety and stability of ground equipment.
  • The Metal Halide Light Tower Engine Does Not Start:
    First check if there is fuel in the fuel tank? If not, please add fuel, check whether the engine switch is connected? If not, turn on the engine switch. Check if the engine oil is enough? Add engine oil if not enough. Check whether the spark plug is good? If not, clean and adjust the spark plug and put it back, replace the spark plug if necessary.

  • Metal Halide Tower Light Has No Voltage Output:
    First check whether the AC circuit breaker is connected? If not, turn on the AC circuit breaker. Check whether the load electrical appliances are faulty. If there is a fault, replace the device or repair it.



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