Outdoor Light Tower

EP outdoor light tower is a mobile device with one or more high-intensity lights and a mast.All-round lifting outdoor lighting tower is suitable for railway, electric power safety, fire protection, petroleum, petrochemical and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other work sites which needs large areas of high brightness lighting.

  • Outdoor light tower Used 4* 500W efficient energy-saving LED lamp heads.
  • Outdoor lighting tower lifting rod is made of high strength alloy material refining.
  • The mast can extend 3 sections of 9m in the horizontal direction.
  • The generator set can work continuously for 8 hours when filled with gasoline once.
  • Outdoor lighting towers are equipped with famous engine to ensure stable quality and excellent performance.
  • Easy to operate: pneumatic lifting rod, automatic lifting, simple and reliable operation; Control lights on and off, and various protective devices.
  • Flexible and convenient: optimized structure, easy to move and handle, connected to the trailer, can be easily moved to the construction, rescue site.
  • Safety protection system:outdoor light tower has friendly operation interface, leakage protection system, good grounding system, fully enclosed chassis design, in line with environmental protection requirements.
  • Lighting performance:High lighting brightness, wide coverage, lighting both near and far, light source life of more than 10,000 hours, especially suitable for outdoor large operation lighting.
  • Convenient transportation:Optional road version trailer to meet transportation requirements, reduce transportation costs; outdoor light towers design ensures maximum maintenance space.
  • Adjust the height of the four support feet to make the water drop of the level meter reach the middle position.
  • Fill the generator set with fuel and oil according to the instructions of the generator set.
  • Start the outdoor light tower generator set according to the generator set. After the generator set is started, the two side doors of the outdoor light tower must be opened. To facilitate air flow.
  • The inspection of raising and retracting rod shall adjust the illumination angle of lamp cap according to the lighting requirements; Adjust the irradiation angle and remove the fixing pin at the front of the outdoor lighting tower.
  • Check that there is no obstacle within 13 meters of the top of the outdoor light tower. Check the integrity of wire rope; Check all fixing pins and bolts for safety locking. The maximum lifting height of the lifting rod is 9 meters.



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