Portable Light Tower

EP portable light tower is designed in such a way that they are durable and energy efficient. We have Hand-Push Type and trailer-mounted portable light towers for your choice. Due to its wide application capabilities, the portable lighting tower is the perfect partner for large-scale operation industries such as railways, electric power, fire protection, petroleum, petrochemicals, accident repairs, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc. that require large-area high-brightness lighting.

  • Metal halide lamp with high brightness and long service life.
  • Height adjustable with good wind resistance, security and stability.
  • Waterproof switch box to use safely in rainy days.
  • Portable light tower has hand-operated winch, which can lockable at any moment.
  • Using 4* 1000W efficient energy-saving lamp heads.
  • Portable lighting towers lifting rod is made of high strength alloy material refining.
  • The portable tower light mast can extend 3 sections of 9m in the horizontal direction.
  • The light tower portable generator set can work continuously for 9 hours when filled with gasoline once.
  • Portable lighting tower is equipped with famous engine to ensure stable quality and excellent performance.
  • When the portable light tower generator set is used for power supply, portable light towers can work continuously for more than 13 hours once it is filled with fuel, and it can be illuminated for a long time using 220V mains electricity.
  • The support foot adopts electric push rod, which can be lifted to meet the loading and transportation of the portable light towers, and can be lowered to ensure the wind resistance and toppling of the equipment.
  • Light tower portable is suitable for safe work in inflammable and explosive places and for all kinds of indoor and outdoor workplaces. Light tower portable has Optimized structure design, easy to move, connected to the trailer can be easily moved to any construction, emergency site.
  • According to the required illuminance and azimuth angle, the lamp panel can be rotated 360 °left and right on the cylinder axis to achieve multi-angle illumination.



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