Site Light Tower

The site light tower have been widely used in various industries such as open pit mining sites, oil exploitation, wind power construction, flood control and flood control, disaster relief, road, railway and so on ,site lighting towers can use to carry for lighter weight and smart desiging ,have the longt time of 8 hours continuation without electricity as it have in-built li-ion battery ,also have camera function and can check at the mobile phone.

  • The site light tower is equipped with two lamp heads of spotlight and floodlight, and the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted through the stepless dimmer switch; and on the back of the lamp head.
  • Designed warning lights, red and blue flashing warning lights with a flashing frequency of 4Hz; multiple working modes, which can be used independently or in combination, fully meet different job needs.
  • The site tower lights are composed of high-brightness LED lamps to ensure low energy consumption, high reliability and long life of the system, and the theoretical life can reach 100,000 hours.
  • The unique site lighting tower design can be carried with the car and assembled on site;site lighting towers can be hand-held and pulled on the ground, which is convenient for transportation and on-site transfer.
  • The site tower light is made of high-strength plastic with good waterproof design; the lock structure is reliable and has a self-locking function to prevent the accidental bounce; each part adopts shock absorption design; all-round advanced design makes the whole system wear-resistant, waterproof, dustproof and anti-static.
  • The site light tower lifting rod adopts a multi-section lifting design, which can freely adjust the lifting height, and the maximum lifting height can reach 1.9 meters; every 2 lifting rods.
  • A lock hoop structure is designed in between to control the tightness of the lifting rod.
  • Jobsite lighting tower is powered by a high-energy battery that can be recharged and used repeatedly, without a generator, energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly, and noiseless.
  • Lamp LCD screen power display function, low battery reminder function; you can check the power at any time, which is convenient for arranging planned working hours.
  •  There is a red and blue communicative flashing alarm light on the back of the site light tower lighting head, which can effectively deal with the vehicle arrival alarm function at the use site and keep the excrement shovel workers on site.
  •  The lamp box is made of bright yellow and equipped with reflective stickers, which can effectively highlight the working lamps and the site, and protect the safety of the site.
  •  The lamp is equipped with a SLR camera head, which can effectively replace the on-site camera tripod and reduce the number of tools carried and deployed by operators.
  •  There is a small out-of-the-box lighting inside the site lighting tower box, which can provide effective preliminary lighting in a dark scene, and facilitate the removal and installation of lamp holders and other components.
  •  The site tower light lamp is equipped with a power display function to remind the user to charge in time; it is equipped with a vehicle power cord, and when the storage capacity is not sufficient, the vehicle battery can be used to drive and supply the supply.
  • When site lighting towers carrying or transporting, make sure to press the button switch to avoid external contact, so as not to connect the capacitor.
  • When site light tower fully charged or continuously discharged in a place with a high ambient temperature, the lamp body will generate heat, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • Only the matching charger can be used to charge the lamp.
  • Do not replace the site light towers source at will, disassemble the structural parts and encrypted parts of the lamp.
  • After using in a rotten environment, a panel should be built.
  • Please charge the site light towers battery in time when it runs out.
  • When using site light tower for the first time, open the box cover, take out the sensor light in the plastic bag and install it on the sensor light bracket of the box cover (see position 14 in Figure 1 for the position).
  • Assembly and use of lamps and lanterns.
  • Place the box upright, open the box cover, take out the lamp head lifting rod first, assemble the lamp head lifting rod on the adapter tube and lock the buckle,
  • Take out the lamp head, then assemble the lamp head on the lamp head lifting rod, put the slingshot wire on the hook, connect the floodlight head and the spotlight head respectively (note the logo on the connector), and then connect the box lamp head interface; complete the scene of the lamp assemble,
  • If you need to use the camera, you can take out the gimbal lifting rod and assemble it on the adapter tube, and lock the buckle, then take out the gimbal assembly, and then assemble the camera on the gimbal assembly to complete the assembly and installation of the camera use.
  • Telescopic operation of the lifting rod: the lamp head lifting rod is divided into 5 sections, and a locking buckle is designed between each 2 lifting rods. According to the position to be adjusted, loosen the locking buckle corresponding to this section, and adjust the corresponding Position, just lock the buckle; there are 3 joints for the pan-tilt lifting rod, and the operation method is the same as that of the lamp head lifting rod.
  • Lamp switch: Press the text of the switch on the cabinet to adjust the light of the lamp; the flashing indicator light is a touch button, and the flood and spotlight are stepless dimming knobs. Rotate the stepless dimming knob to adjust the floodlight and spotlight respectively brightness and switch.
  • Reminder: Please use the special charger configured by our company for charging.
  • Please charge and discharge in a safe place.
  • Battery maintenance: After being fully charged once, site light towers can be used at any time within six months; if left unused for more than six months, a charge-discharge cycle must be performed to maintain battery activity.



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