Solar Light Tower

EP Solar Light Tower is an ideal choice for outdoor night operation or work, especially in places where electricity cannot reach, and in applications with serious noise, silent solar lighting tower power supply is the only choice. The energy-saving LED on these solar light towers are powered by batteries, which are automatically charged through adjustable solar panels. Solar light tower is a necessary condition for local traffic management and road operation safety.

  • Main rod rotation method and manual main rod lifting method.
  • Solar lighting tower pneumatic lifting maximum lifting height is 9M.
  • The solar tower light can rotate 360 degrees..
  • Solar lighting towers has standard wiring method of junction box One-input and four-outlet transmission cable routing method.
  • Built-in spiral cable transmission cable core number 1.5mm*6.
  • Solar lighting tower has core Solar Panel Type.
  • The total power of monocrystalline silicon panels is 1500W.
  • Single panel power :500W.
  • Solar lighting towers have 3 pieces panels.
  • Solar light towers have deployment method of battery panel device Manually expand, manually close.
  • The solar light tower adopts a 5-section 9-meter pneumatic lifting pole, and the location of the junction box is reserved. The junction box standard is a one-in and four-out design, and specific interfaces can be added according to the actual needs of customers.
  • The solar lighting towers lifting pole is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which can achieve a maximum lifting height of 9 meters.
  • Solar powered light towers is supplied by a green solar power supply system, a monocrystalline silicon battery panel, a three-layer pull-type design structure, low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly, and solar powered light tower is equipped with a high-efficiency memory-free gel battery pack
  • The whole solar lighting tower is made of various high-quality alloy materials, with compact structure and stable performance. Solar tower lights can work normally in various harsh environments and climatic conditions. The main shell of the machine has a locking function and is treated with powder coating, which can protect the inside of the main body all-weather. all software. The main mast and lampshade are galvanized to provide excellent corrosion resistance. The solar tower light itself has 5 galvanized jack supports, which can provide reliable and balanced support no matter on uneven construction sites or strong winds. The wind resistance grade is 8 grades.
  • The solar lighting towers can be charged by solar panels and AC power (quick plug) charging (charging time needs to be about 6 hours), equipped with a grounding protection terminal and contains a logo.
  • The solar light towers can be used in rainy days.



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