Towable Light Tower

EP towable light tower is a mobile towable light tower that provides the ultimate return on investment with low initial acquisition cost and low operating costs. These towable light towers are used in a variety of applications from special events such as road night repairs, disaster scenes and general construction and concrete finishing. Towable lighting towers can also be used as additional lighting.

  • Towable light tower has environment friendly LED light, available in colour temperature 2100-5700k.
  • Towable lighting tower is Available in 4x1000W LED lights.
  • Towable lighting towers mast can rotate 360°manual .
  • Towable light towers galvanized mast with powder-coated top cover for longer rust protection.
  • Light tower towable has 9m hydraulically operated telescopic mast.
  • Towable lights has famous motor and generator, excellent performance, start easily.
  • The towable light tower engine, generator and chassis all adopt international famous brands, with stable and reliable performance.
  • The reflector of the lamp is scientifically designed and combined with multi-curved surfaces. The overall lighting is both near and far. The towable lights distance is long, the irradiation area is large, and the protection level can reach IP65.
  • The lifting rod is electro-hydraulic lifting, and the light tower towable coverage radius can reach 150-200 meters.
  • The towable tower lights  pole can be rotated 360° in the horizontal direction, and the lamp head can change the refraction angle within the range of 0°-270°.
  • Towable lighting towers have advanced vehicle design, large frame body and stable chassis (fixed by five-point brackets) ensure that it can reach level 8 wind resistance.
  • The high-performance deceleration brake winch is adopted, which can safely and easily complete lifting and folding. Comes with dual parking brakes and has taillights for safe transport.
  • Towable light tower is suitable for outdoor lighting in emergency situations such as earthquakes, flood control and flood control, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc. Towable lighting tower is widely used in large public places such as airports, docks, stadiums, racing tracks, and large open-pit mining sites such as coal mines, gold mines, and iron mines, etc. Where emergency backup lighting is required.



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