Trailer Light Tower

EP trailer Light Tower is applicable to various large-scale construction operations, mining operations and other on-site lighting. The trailer light towers can be connected with 220V power supply for long-term lighting. Trailer lighting tower shigh brightness lighting is suitable for large area lighting work such as maintenance and repair, accident handling, flood control and flood fighting, emergency rescue and disaster relief.

  • Trailer light tower has three telescopic oil cylinders with lifting height of 4.5m.
  • Rotate the lamp head up and down to adjust the beam irradiation Angle.
  • Trailer tower light coverage radius up to 35-55 meters.
  • Meters lifting height and adjustable irradiation angle.
  • Telescoping trailer lighting towers rotate nearly 360 degrees.
  • Available in 4x500W Metal halide Lamps .
  •  The trailer tower light source and generator of international famous brands are adopted. The trailer light tower has high light efficiency, high color rendering and long service life, and the generator can work continuously for a long time.
  •  The trailer tower light lamp head can realize the lighting direction of the up and down 300° wireless automatic remote control lamp panel according to the needs of the site, and trailer light towers can also control the opening and closing of each lamp within a range of 30 meters.
  •  The electric air pump can be used to quickly control the lifting of the telescopic cylinder.
  •  Universal wheels and rail wheels are installed at the bottom of the generator set, which can run on uneven roads and rails.
  •  The whole trailer lighting towers are made of various high-quality metal materials to ensure normal operation in various harsh environments and climatic conditions, and the rain-proof and wind-resistant grades are 8.
  • Trailer light tower is suitable for large-area and high-brightness lighting needs at work sites such as large-scale construction operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling and emergency rescue. Our company can make adjustments according to customer requirements to meet the individual needs of customers.
  • Turn on the lamp and switch the four lighting switches on the control panel for lighting.
  • Turn off the lamp after use. Open the trailer light tower operation panel and turn off the four lamps.
  • Lower the telescopic rod.
  • Shut down the generator set. Close the two side doors of the trailer light towers.
  • Connect the body to the trailer. Connect the front end of the trailer lighting tower to the trailer. Take out the light connecting wire inside the car and connect it with the trailer, and then drag the trailer lighting towers to the designated place.



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