The daily maintenance of the mixer can bring convenience to the construction

The daily maintenance of the blender can bring us a lot of convenience.


The daily maintenance of the concrete mixing station can keep the appearance of the machine clean, reduce the downtime of failure, improve the working efficiency of the machine, reduce the wear of mechanical parts and reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance.

Daily maintenance work

(1) Ensure the cleanliness of the machine and the surrounding environment.

(2) remove the accumulated material in the hopper in time to make the sensor return to zero normally.

(3) Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is enough, and the oil mist in the gas path system should keep enough oil.

(4) Check whether the motor, electrical equipment overheating phenomenon, abnormal noise, instrument indication is normal, signal system is intact.

(5) Often check and adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and electromagnetic valve, so that the opening and closing meet the requirements.

(6) Check the system regularly, such as ash leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and electricity leakage phenomenon to deal with in time.

(7) The mixer and the hopper should be cleaned every four hours to avoid the consolidation of residual concrete and impede normal operation.

(8) Each shift should let off the air compressor, storage tank and filter and other internal water, and eliminate the failure in operation.

(9) Butterfly valves, mixers, electromagnetic valves, air filters and oil atomizers shall be maintained in accordance with relevant instructions.


Maintenance of aggregate supply system

(1) No-load inspection of belt conveyor must be carried out before each shift. Clean up sundries, mud, etc., tighten screws in various parts, adjust the deviation of the belt, and the rotating parts should be flexible.

(2) The electric drum shall change oil regularly according to the requirements of the operation manual.

(3) Check and replenish the lubricating grease at the bearing of each rotating part after six months of use, and then carry out comprehensive disassembly and oil change once a year.

(4) The sweeper often checks and adjusts the position of scraping close to the belt to ensure that the cleaning is normal.


Maintenance of metering system

(1) Each shift must check and adjust the soft interface of the metering bucket, keep the length loose to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

(2) After shutdown in winter, the water supply system and admixture should be drained out.

(3) The admixture pump such as seasonal stop must be backwashed, in order to prevent the pipeline and pump additives precipitate sticky or solvent.


Maintenance of mixing system

The maintenance of the mixer can be seen in the Maintenance Manual of the Double-horizontal Shaft Mixer, but special attention should be paid to the following points:

(1) Every shift, check whether the shaft end sealing chamber, the inlet and outlet of the distributor and the sealing pipeline are smooth, whether they are full of grease, and whether there is enough lubricating oil (grease) at each lubrication point and the deceleration box.

(2) Each shift to observe whether the oil in the oil cylinder of the electric lubrication pump is used up, close to the end of filling up in time, not allowed to run without oil.

(3) The accumulated material inside and outside the mixing cylinder, the unloading door and other places must be thoroughly cleaned and washed with water. The unwashed adhesive material should be regularly chiseled away.

(4) The stirring blade must be adjusted and fastened once a week to prevent the blade from falling off and causing accidents.


Powder supply system maintenance

(1) The vibrator in the dust removal device on the top of the cement warehouse must be vibrated many times every week, and the dust on the dust bag (filter rod) must be removed to ensure that the exhaust is smooth.

(2) the inner wall of the feeding port conveying pipe and the outlet of the screw conveyor must be fully cleaned once a week to prevent hard blocks and debris blockage and insufficient discharge faults.

(3) The cement in the screw machine shall not be used for a long time.

(4) screw conveyor head ball bearing, central supporting bearing every four hours must be injected grease once (WAM screw without grease), tail gearbox for the first time oil change time for 500 hours, after the annual replacement of a grease (00 lithium grease)


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