Use Mini Excavator Advice

Operation technology

--The first step is to check the surroundings.
--The rotary operation, the surrounding obstacles, terrain to do know, safe operation; 
--During operation, confirm the front and rear direction of the track to avoid tipping or impact; 
--Try not to face the end drive to the digging direction, otherwise, it is easy to damage the walking motor or hose; 
--During operation, it is necessary to ensure complete contact between the left and right tracks and the ground to improve the dynamic stability of the whole machine.

Effective mining method

--When the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, bucket rod cylinder, and bucket rod are 90 degrees each other, the maximum digging force; 
--When the bucket teeth and the ground maintain a 30 degree Angle, the excavation force is the best, that is, the soil cutting resistance is the least; 
--When digging with bucket rod, ensure that the bucket rod Angle range from the front 45 degrees to the back 30 degrees. 
--Using boom and bucket at the same time can improve the excavation efficiency. 

Mining rock

--The use of bucket excavation rock will cause great damage to the machine, should be avoided; 
--Must be excavated, should be based on the direction of the rock crack to adjust the position of the body so that the bucket can smoothly shovel, excavation; 
--Insert the bucket teeth into the rock cracks, with the bucket rod and bucket digging force excavation (should pay attention to the bucket teeth slip); 
--Rocks that have not been broken should be broken before being excavated with a bucket. 

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