What are the types of concrete mixing stations?

Divide according to the structure of concrete mixing station

--Can be divided into mobile concrete mixing station and fixed concrete mixing station. Generally speaking, the engineering concrete mixing station produced on the construction site is mobile, and the commercial concrete mixing station produced for a long time in a fixed area is a fixed concrete mixing station.

The craft that arranges a form according to concrete mixing station divides

According to the concrete mixing station layout of the form of technology division

Can be divided into three types of layout.


Vertical concrete mixing plant

--The material only needs to be lifted once and then dropped down to each process by its own weight.

--The advantages of this equipment are high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation; Disadvantages are complex structure, high manufacturing cost, high installation height.


Horizontal concrete mixing plant

--The material needs to go through secondary lifting, first lifting the material once to the storage hopper, and then lifting it again after weighing and adding it to the mixer.

--The advantages of this equipment are simple structure, less investment, small building height; The disadvantage is that the material needs to go through the secondary promotion, low efficiency, low degree of automation.


Mobile concrete mixing plant

--The device installs the feeding, storage, weighing, mixing and unloading devices on the same base.

--The advantages of this equipment are compact structure, easy handling, can directly close to the construction site, thus reducing the transmission distance of concrete, improve the economic performance.


--Generally speaking, in large industrial cities and material supply base, suitable for the selection of vertical concrete mixing station; In the small and medium-sized cities far from the material supply base, the appropriate choice of horizontal concrete mixing station; For traffic inconvenience, narrow small and medium-sized projects or maintenance projects, suitable for mobile concrete mixing station.

According to the running form of concrete mixing station to divide

It can be divided into periodic type and continuous type. The difference between the two lies in that the periodic feeding system and the discharging system cycle production in accordance with a certain period, and the continuous feeding and discharging of the continuous.

Divide according to the scale of concrete mixing station

Generally divided into small concrete mixing station, large and medium-sized concrete mixing station two kinds. The difference between the two is mainly production efficiency, production capacity and the type of concrete produced.

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