What is the role of a small excavator?

Excavators have a small volume and low initial investment cost. It is widely used in urban architectural decoration, municipal construction, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and other fields. It is the equipment for many small engineering operations. Today we can specifically study the employment of small excavators.

Municipal works

--Drains and water pipes are very important in municipal construction.

--Mini excavators are known for their compact size and flexible maneuverability. In addition, the arm of the small excavator can be deflected 90 degrees, which is very practical when digging trenches and filling pipes.

--The machine is also easy to transport and can be done by light trucks or even pickup trucks.

Building interiors

When you need interior decor, you need to break down walls. Miniature excavators are more efficient than manual sledgehammers. Mini-diggers are relatively small, so you can go up and down stairs or even elevators.


The working environment is relatively small, surrounded by trees, flowers, and crops. In garden construction, large machinery should not be used to dig holes and ditches. A small excavator is very suitable, flexible operation saves time and effort. Improve efficiency.

New rural construction

When building houses in rural areas, foundations and drainage pipes must be dug by hand. Now, these tasks can be solved by small excavators, which not only reduce the labor intensity of workers but also greatly improve the speed of construction.

Agricultural greenhouse

Vegetable greenhouses are usually low, and large agricultural machinery cannot work in the greenhouses, so small excavators replace manual cultivation and ditching operations.

Operation of agricultural parks

The working environment of agricultural parks is relatively small. It is usually surrounded by agricultural and forestry plants. In agricultural garden construction, it is impossible to use large machinery to dig ditches. The mini digger was right. 

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