Building Hoist
Building hoist is one of quality products of EP MACHINERY ,it can be widely used in industrial and civilian construction, bridge, under well, big chimney as well as shipping industry to carry people and materials. As permanent or semi-permanent equipment,building hoists can be used in different sites such as warehouse, high tower, etc. With the advantages of reliable performance safety, easy carrying, high adaptability,construction elevator can reduce operators' labor intensity.
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Building Hoist
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Building Hoist
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Building Hoist
Building Hoist
Building Hoist
Building Hoist
Building Hoist
Building Hoist
Building Hoist
  • Faster construction time: Building hoist can help to speed up the construction process by providing easy and convenient access to different areas of the building. This ensures that workers can move materials and equipment up and down the building quickly and without delay.
  • Improved safety: Construction hoist elevator provides a safer alternative to using ladders or scaffolding to move materials and equipment. This is because workers can use them to move heavy objects without risking injury.
  • Greater convenience: Construction elevator can easily transport materials and equipment to different floors of a building, reducing the amount of manual handling required.
  • Increased efficiency: Building hoists allow workers to move materials and equipment up and down the building without wasting time and energy. This ensures that workers can focus on their tasks and complete them more efficiently.
Building Hoist
Items Configuration specification
Dynamic type Rack and pinion
Speed 0-33m/min
Motor YZE132L2-4 13kw
Reducer LD1230A(Xinchang LIda)
Drop Preventer SAJ40-1.2(NanTongXingXiang)
Maximum height of erection 200m
Supply height 100m
Wall frame attached 6-9m
Number of wall frame attached 11
Distance between center of Standard Section and building 3m-3.5m
Main cable 3×16+2×6
Standard section


size 650×650×1508(mm)
weight 150Kg
number 66 section
Specification for high strength bolts M24×270
Mounting boom electric
Hanging cage Net size 3×1.5×2.5(m)


Load capacity 2T/2T
Cable guide Roller falling type
Safety electronic control system Single and double cage door Electromechanical linkage
Trap door Electromechanical linkage
Up and down stroke LXK3-20-S/T
Limit switch JK16-100
Overload device Overload alarm
Main electrical component Schneider
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