customer service
customer service
Pre-sale Service
Work as your technical assistant, get your demands clearly, special design for you according to your working site land, construct condition, etc; Feasibility analysis; Project approachment; Confirm the proposal drawing and specifications.
On-purchase Service
Provide products quotation, sign sales-contract; Offer the foundation drawing; Complete the equipment in time and in good quality; Arrange for the delivery.
After-sales Service
Our after-sales service team we will train the engineer about technology, service, etiquette and so on, in order to promote the service engineers skills; Install and debug equipment according to sales-contract; In the working site, we supply operator and serviceman training for free. Besides, we ensure operator can get hold of usage, working requirement, correct maintain way and diagnose remove correctly when machine broke down; Track the use situation of the equipment regularly; Sufficient spear parts in stock provide for equipment whole life.
You can still use the following ways to contact us to facilitate timely access to our technical support.
  • E-mail
    [email protected]
  • TEL
    Office Address: 17th Floor, 5# Building, Belt and Road Industrial Park, Zhengzhou,Henan, China.
    Factory Address: No.16 Jinshi Street, Qihe Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province.
Tel: +86 15093371337
Email: [email protected]