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Service System

Quality wins trust in the market, service creates value, EP makes the world a better place

Attentive Housekeeping

EP treats its customers like family and provides them with a complete equipment protection plan, so that your equipment is always in the best condition.

Lifetime Companionship

Install and debug products on behalf of customers; select technicians with rich practical experience to the site, or do online guidance.

Express Service

15mins to respond to customers

Provide common repair parts within 1 day

Resolve client complaints within 2 days

Solve customer's remaining problems within 7 days

Complete range of products

Always adhere to the "quality to trust, service market" concept, is committed to building EP machinery the whole line of product parts support system, can provide more than hundreds of EP various products accessories

Service Culture

Service is the core competence of EP


Exhibition Photos

ITIF ASIA Pakistan Chinese companies exhibiting at the Expo


Classic Cases

Indonesia Box Mixing Plant Installation

Service principle

Enthusiasm, efficiency, speed, and response to inquiries

Service concept

Service with one heart, create value

Service tenet

Customer satisfaction is the goal of our struggle