Solar Lighting Tower
EP solar lighting tower is an ideal choice for outdoor night operation or work, especially in places where electricity cannot reach, and in applications with serious noise, silent solar powered light tower is the only choice. The solar light tower can be used during emergency situations like power outages or natural disasters to provide lighting for rescue and relief operations.
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Solar Lighting Tower
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Solar Lighting Tower
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solar light tower
solar light tower
solar light tower
solar light tower
solar light tower
solar light tower
Solar Lighting Tower
  • Environmentally friendly: Solar lighting tower uses renewable energy that doesn't produce greenhouse gases or other harmful pollutants.And it doesn't pose a fire hazard, noise hazard or risk of gas or fuel leaks that can occur with traditional light towers.
  • Long-lasting: Solar panels and LED lights have a long lifespan, which means that solar light tower is designed to last for many years.
  • Simple to operate: Solar powered light tower is often fully automated and require minimal maintenance, which means that it can be operated by a single person.
  • Reliability: Mobile solar light tower is designed to work in extreme weather conditions, and it can be used in remote locations without access to the electrical grid or where it's impractical to run electrical cables.
Solar Lighting Tower
Model EPLT971-LED2000S90-S
Solar Solar Panel Quantity 3pcs
Solar Panel Power 3×300W
Working Voltage 54V
Working Current 8.18A
Extension Type Manual
Single Solar Panel Size L1770×W1050mm
Battery Energy Storage Type Solar
Working Voltage 12V~24V
Battery Capacity 2×600Ah
Battery Quantity 2pcs
Duration ≥10hr
Rated Power 4×500W
Luminous Flux 4×45000Lm
Range of Exposure 1000~2000㎡
Angle of Lamp rotation 360°(Horizontal)
Lifting Mast Manual lifter Height: 9m
Trailer/Chassis Trailer Chassis Size 2000×450×650mm
Max. Working Size 2.8×3.5×7m
Package Size 1.8×1.5×2.3m
Wind Resistance 8-Grade
Wheel 2×R13
Fixed Support 4×Manual-outrigger
Auxiliary Output Socket 2×16Amp.230V
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