Used Excavator
Our company can help customers purchase used construction equipment, and complete a full set of operations such as export declaration and transportation, including construction machinery, road construction machinery, lifting machinery, excavating machinery, road machinery, handling machinery and more than 20 varieties in 7 categories.
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Used Excavator
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Used Excavator
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Used Excavator
Used Excavator
Used Excavator
Used Excavator
Used Excavator
Used Excavator
Used Excavator
  • Used excavators: used (Komatsu, Carter, Hitachi, Kobelco, Xuzhou, Luoyang, Changlin, Liugong, Lingong, Sanming, Lonking, etc.) Model: 35, 55, 60, 70, 85, 100: 120; 200; 220, 320, 360, 450, etc.)used small excavators, used medium excavators, used large excavators, used excavators, etc.
  • Used wheel loaders: (Xiagong, Longgong, Liugong, Xugong, Changlin)used Longgong loaders, used Liugong loaders, used XCMG wheel loaders,used 30 wheel loaders,used 50 wheel loaders, used small wheel loaders;
  • Used forklifts: Heli, Hangzhou, Lonking, Dalian, Tailifu, Komatsu, Toyota, 3t-16t and other types of electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, clamp forklifts, stackers and various forklift attachments.
  • Second-hand rollers: second-hand XCMG rollers, second-hand vibratory rollers, second-hand double-drum rollers, second-hand 26-ton rollers, second-hand 18-ton, 22-ton, 26-ton XCMG rollers, second-hand small rollers, etc.
  • Second-hand bulldozers: (Xuanhua 140, 165, Shantui 130, 160, 220, Dongfanghong 802, 100 bulldozers, dry-land bulldozers, wet-land bulldozers, second-hand Shantui bulldozers, second-hand 160 bulldozers, second-hand 220 bulldozers, second-hand Medium-sized bulldozers, second-hand imported bulldozers, etc.
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